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  • Facebook is an American social networking website, after registering on which for free, a user can create his profile.
  • Through this profile users can post text, photos, videos, music, etc., and share it with other Facebook users.
  • Facebook can be opened on personal computers, smartphones, tablets withinternet connectivity. Nowadays Facebook can be run even on a SmartTV.

The Inception

  • Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg with his college friend Eduardo Saverin during their days at Harvard College in Feb 2004.
  • Firstly, only Harvard students could become a member of it. But slowly membership was extended to other universities also as its popularity grew.
  • With the plan to spread it to the maximum population, the minimum age to open a Facebook account was droppedto 13 years old in 2006,

How to create a Facebook Account?

Before you create a Facebook account, you must have an active email id. Now follow the below steps:

  1. Open page in your web browser.
  2. Enter information in respective fields – your name, email id, password, DoB, gender and click on Sign Up button.
  3. Next confirm your email address by opening your email account and click Confirm Your Account in the confirmation message.
  4. This creates your Facebook account. Now you can open and explore all of Facebook’s features.
  5. The very first page that opens when you sign in is your Home Page which mainly contains:
    1. Publisher Section – here you can type a text, attach pics, videos, etc. and post on your wall.
    1. News Feed – here you will see the updates from your friends (who are on your friendlist) and Facebook pages/ groups you have subscribed to.
    1. Menu – here you will see links to different sectionsin your account like messages, events, find friends, pages, etc.
  6. There is one more page Profile Page (also called Timeline) where you can edit your profile photo, cover photo, your personal information. Your post will be visible here. Your Friends and family are also allowed to post on your timeline.
  7. You can also run Facebook on your Android or Apple smartphone. Facebook App on these phones offers you all the features you find in the desktop version.

Understanding the Privacy on Facebook.

  1. Whenever you put some information on Facebook like, entering your Date of Births, Address, or posting a status update or liking /commenting on some friend’s post, then by default that information gets shared with other people. Some of those can be your friends and you want them to see that information but some of them may not be your friends and you might not want to share that information with them. Facebook’s privacy tool helps you to control the visibility of your information on your timeline, profile page, and the home page.
  2. Some of the options you can choose to control the visibility of your content are listed below:
    1. Public – This option allows everyone on Facebook and web to see your post or your personal information.
    1. Friends – This option allows only those users whom you have accepted as friends on Facebook to see your post and your personal information.
    1. Friends except – In this option you individually select some of your friends or a list of friends who should not see your post.
    1. Only me – This option restricts everyone on Facebook and allows only you to see your post or information.
    1. Specific friends – In this option you individually select only those friends whom you want to show your post and your information.
    1. Custom – This is two option (c) and (e) combined in one. You select in one window friends who should see and friends who should not see your post.

Reason to join Facebook?

Even after the presence of many different ways of communication with other people online,Facebook became unique and most famous because of its ability to help a user to connect and share information with peoplehe knows and also with people he doesn’t know at the same time.

And because of its vast reach among people, other websites have also integrated themselves with Facebook. This integration helps a Facebook user to use the same login credentials with the integrated website.

Reason for Facebook’s Success?

Facebook is so popular because people on this platform get the opportunity to express their thoughts, opinions, their individuality, independently online and can share it with their friends. 

For young people, using Facebookis almost second nature to them. This platform hasallowed young people to experiment with who they are as they feel this virtual world is more secure.

Facebook has also evolved. Now users not just share texts, images, videos but they also post various news links, music, and different interesting content on the web. The new feature, Facebook live is also very popular among users.

Risks Associated with Facebook

Even though Facebook is very popular among teens and different age strata, there are also various risksFacebook’s younger users are prone to.  Let’s look at some issues below:

  • Privacy:

Whenever content is posted on the internet it gets shared with many other peoplein a very short period, unless privacy setting is customized aptly. This dispersion of information can sometimes become a cause of the problem to many users.

Often, teens post too much personal information online like personal photos or phone numbers, etc. which can be hacked by many phishing sites in the form of quiz apps or game apps, etc.

Hacking of celebrity profiles has been the most common example of misuse of Facebook.

  • Cyberbullying: 

Facebook has often been misused by bullies to make fun of, causepain, and give a lot of unpleasant experience to their target through various ways like offensive messages, vulgar posts, etc.

  • Addiction:

Regular use of Facebook can cause addiction in people especially in teens. In most of these cases users generally feel the continuous urge to check their account so that they are not missing out on regular updates.

  • Fake Profiles: 

Many people take a Facebook profile on its face value. Since opening a new account is so easy for anyone, no. of fake profiles have been continuously increasing for harassing, stalking, and blackmailing.


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