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How to Earn from Facebook or Facebook Monetization.

Facebook or Facebook Monetization.

Today Facebook is been used by every single internet users, but how many users are avail that you can earn while using Facebook, yes there are many features in Facebook by using them you can earn a certain amount of money

Facebook, with more than 2.3 billion monthly active users and with 1.18 billion daily users on an average, is not just a social networking website but has become one of the best advertising places for online businesses.

Various big companies have exploited marketing opportunities on Facebook and increased their return. Even small businesses have scaled up their operations with a profitable tool called Facebook.

Some of the methods, to make money on Facebook, are listed below to guide you through the process.

Contents Develop AppEarn money through Facebook page create a Potential Facebook PagePublish content on your Facebook PagePublish content on your Facebook page in-stream AdsPosts = MoneyMake more money social Media InfluencerAffiliate marketing Being (Sell Products on your Facebook Page)Sell products through “Offer” Link on Facebook PageSell likes and shares selling Items in the Facebook Marketplace / Buy and Sell GroupsFan SubscriptionBranded ContentBranded Content

Develop an App

If a seed of an app is lying in your brain and you can germinate it with yourself or with the help of resources then Facebook is your target. Design the app for Facebook and you can earn loads of money.

Earn money through Facebook page

Follow this small guide to earn money from a Facebook fan page

·        Create a Potential Facebook Page

  • The first step is to create a page, based on your interests, which has the potential to generate earning from your target market.
  • You should also be able to create inspiring content for your fans and followers.

·        Publish content on your Facebook Page

  • Post interesting content to generate more and more fan base. Consider adding some Facebook advertisings also to improve the reach of your sales posts and build up an organic audience. Don’t keep most of your posts sales-oriented. Keep some entertaining posts also.
  • Also, you need to publish your content regularly to keep your fans adhered to on your page.

·        In-stream Ads

  • Short ads placed before, during, or after your videos are called In-stream ads. Including these In-streams ads in your posted videos will help you earn money.
  • However, your earnings are dependent on the number of video views and advertisers.

·        Posts = Money

  • You also get paid from collaborative promotions or through sponsored posts or by posting links to other brands.

·        Make more money

  • After getting a decent fan base you can apply to the affiliate programs to earn more money.

Social Media Influencer

Companies are always on the lookout for users, who have big fan followings, to promote their products. So if You can fulfill this condition then this is also a great way to get paid. Obviously, the larger you following, the better it is.

Affiliate marketing Being (Sell Products on your Facebook Page)

In this case, you have to select a product or service from an affiliate networking website that is likely to interest your friends.

You are required to post a link on your Facebook wall, which contains code and an embedded affiliate id. You get paid if someone purchases the product through that link.

Sell products through “Offer” Link on Facebook Page

You can sell products to earn by using the “Offer” feature on Facebook.

Use an affiliate link from any of the e-commerce site and attach a coupon code (if you have). When someone buys the product from your link, you get some percentage amount from it.

Sell likes and shares

Your one simple like to a post can get you money! Yes, you can do much more with your likes and shares than expressing your feelings to your friend’s post.

Many businesses purchase ‘likes and shares’ to increase their products standing among in the market. More number of likes and shares means more confidence among buyers about a brand.

Selling Items in the Facebook Marketplace / Buy and Sell Groups

Facebook Marketplace is also a good place to earn money by selling goods on it.

Facebook Marketplace offers a wide variety of goods and services for sale, ranging from Vehicles to Electronics and from Clothing and Accessories to Entertainment.

You can also post your selling items in various Buy and Sell groups on Facebook.

Fan Subscription

Fan subscriptions is another way in which the audience directly fund your page through monthly, recurring payments, set by you.  But this feature is accessible by invitation only. For more info on this visit

Branded Content

Revenue can also be generated by publishing content that features or is influenced by a business partner. Various Brands want to work with content creators and their audiences.

Brand Collabs Manager is a Facebook tool that helps you in this case. Click here for more info


Subscription Group

Subscription groups also enable group admins, with an active community, to monetize their accountsthrough subscriptions.

An admin of a Facebook group is qualified for a subscription group if he/she complies with Facebook’s Partner Monetisation Policies. Learn more about it here

This is all about how Facebook can be a very useful platform for any internet users to enjoy and earn some revenue for himself, you can also try by using the methods given above and might earn a certain amount of money for your day to day life.

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