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There are many only apps which are providing you instant loan, no physical documentation, no paper work, just apply online from apps and with a minor investigation from the app management and if you fulfill their need they will transfer the loan amount instantly to your bank account directly

You have to search in Google play store and you can get various apps for instant money lending.

1. Kreditbee

Kreditbee is an instant personal loan application. Kreditbee offers loan from 1000 to 10000 at first, than later it will increase slowly according to your repayment structure. To get loan from Kreditbee you have to download the app from Google play store .after downloading you have to apply for loan, open the app it will for language English & Hindi, After that a permission page will appear you have to agree it by click yes, then allow all popup by the app. then it will ask for login. With your choice you can log in by face book Or Google account then a creating form page will appear you have to enter your mobile no and referral code (if you have referral code then enter otherwise not necessary) Kreditbee will send an OTP  please enter it and press submit button. A new page will appear with a button of instant approval. Click on it, then enter your compete name with sir name. Then date of birth & sex (Male /Female) then enter area Pin code, your work status (salary/business) Working Company Name, Mode of Payment (bank transfer) & net salary agree the term & click next then enter your Pan no& click next. A confirmation page will appear to confirm your details please check it & click next , then wait for some time the app will check your details & send a message in some time that for which amount you are eligible for loan. If your Cibil score will be good enough you will defiantly get an instant loan from Kreditbee.

After the loan approve bank will ask you to sing a NACH form digital by using your Adhar card number, and after that add your bank account details and the money will transfer to your account instantly.

2.Money view

Money view is one of the interesting loan app they are providing instant loan from 10,000/- to 5,00,000/- in just 2 hrs . To both salary & Self Employed profiles.jut download the app and fill the form using your email then enter your job profile. Enter your salary in hand and way of payment receive (cash / Cheque / Bank transfer) fill up KYC form with properly, enter Area pin code & PAN number, agree the terms & condition page & wait for some time. Money view app will review all your details & check your CIBIL score and will sanction a loan amount with in 2 hrs if your are eligible for the loan .if the confirmation message comes from Money view, then they will ask you to fill up the NACH form. After completing this entire process loan amount will be transfer to your given bank account.

3.ZEST Money

ZEST Money is one of the best instant loan providers for both personal loan & consumer loan. ZEST Money offers various types of loan .but when you are applying in ZEST Money they will approve your first loan as a consumer durable loan. With this loan you have to purchase any product for online shopping apps like Amazon & Flip kart .then don’t sanction Personal loan at first. Zest money absorbs your repayment history of the consumer durable loan & if you pay the repayment on time, then they will approve your personal loan up to 1 LAC.

Consumer durable Loan are also very attractive if you choose the repayment for 3 to 6 months ,then zest money will return all the interest of 3 to 6 months to your bank account. That means not interest will be applicable for 3 to 6 months duration loans. It will be completely interest free loan.

To apply for ZEST Money Loan you have download the ZEST Money app from Google play store and login with your mobile number, A OTP will be send, enter the OTP and click ok, ZEST Money home page will appear, fill the KYC form properly like your name with surname, date of birth, Complete Address, with Area Pin code, PAN no, Adhar card no. ZEST Money will ask you to upload a live selfie using their app. It is to confirm that the person who is applying for this loan is exactly you or not, you have to take a selfie will your pan card holding in your hand, pan card and your face should be clearly  visible to the selfie. It is a mandatory process, after completing all this process you have to fill the NACH form and if all approve by the ZEST money the loan will be sanction in a voucher mode. You have to transfer it to online Shopping App like Amazon & Flip kart and you can purchase anything from the app according to your need. You have to make the repayment on time to get eligible for the next loan, if you repay all the installment then zest money will offer you a personal loan, which will be directly credited to your saving account.

All to say use ZEST Money properly you can get both consumer durable loan & Personal Loan.

4.flexi loan

This is a different type of loan, Flexi loan is for only business profile Customers. If you are having a small scale business with a current account then you can be eligible for Flexi loan.

To apply for Flexi loan you have to Download Flexi loan app from Google play store, Agree all terms & condition, allow all popup, then enter your phone number, an OTP will be send to your mobile number. Complete your KYC, enter your Name. Email address & OTP and submit the form.

Flexi loan will ask you to enter you desire loan amount from 50000/- to 1.CR. After entering your desire loan amount you need to fill your KYC form given on the next page. Some condition is mandatory in Flexi loan you have to fulfill it. You must have a business registration Certificate (Shop Act License), Current bank account number, GST number. And if you are having this entire document you can apply for Flexi loan. After entering the details of all this documents, a confirmation call will come from flexi loan. They will verify your all details and send a physical form you have to sign it & send back to Flexi loan, they will verify all your documents & if all goes good the Loan amount will transfer to your bank account instantly.

(Please apply only with a Business Profile)

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