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The domain is basically the name of your website, Domain is used to find and recognized computers on the web of the internet. In other words, the domain is the address of your Website. The very first domain was registered in the year-1985 and the domain was in the name of After that many more companies started to purchase their domain name. to run their business online.

Getting a Domain:

We cannot be the owner of the domain name because domains can’t be purchase for a lifetime. We have only the authority to use the domain name as a private proxy server. We have to pay a renewal fess in every 12 months from the date of registration for the domain name.  But in some conditions, you can pay the renewal fees for a maximum of ten years to be the registered owner for that period.

Domains are available on several domain provider website.

For Example:

  1.       –link:
  2. Hostgator             — link:
  3.         –link:
  4.         –link:
  5.   –link:
  6.   –link:
  7.       –link:

These are some of the Domain Provider Websites, but most of the users are interested to get their domain name from these three domain providers Go-daddy / Host-Gator & Big-Rock, but among this three-domain provider, GO-Daddy is the leading website that has the maximum sale of domain names. Because they deliver good quality & good customer service. But Domain from Go daddy might be a little costly from the other domain provider.


Every domain provider website launch voucher to attract their costumers There are many coupons available on the website by using them you can get a good discount on the domain rates.

How to Register:

To register a domain you have to log in any of this website and search a unique name for your new website if the name is not been registered by anybody else than their mite be a chance for you to get your favorites Domain name, if you get your desire domain name then without wasting any time you must add the name to cart and start the payment process. Various payment options are available on the cart. For example, Master Card, Net Banking, UPI and etc. is your choice that how you are comfortable paying.

Value of .COM Domain:

Probably ever a unique name has been already registered by somebody else. A big rush will be on .com domains, ever unique domain with .com has been registered earlier. Because there is a monopoly between every internet user that .com domains run faster & rank to the first position in search engine optimization. And Every Single website user is in a hurry to rank there website to the first or second position in search engine optimization.  

History of .com:

When web services was been started there were only .com domain names available, But due to the heavy use of the website name and the increment of the user, the service providers had to take the decision to include this of the new address to the domain name.

Domains are available on this particular Address.


You have to search your chosen name on the Domain provider website and have to select from the given choice by the Provider website.

For example:

if you want to start a Cooking show Website, you have to search on the domain provider website a name like ( but it might be possible that the domain name with .com might be taken by somebody else, so in that case, the website will offer you more subjections like .co/ .net /.xyz it will be your choice to select any one among those suggestions given by the website. It is will completely depend on the availability of the domain name. Now it is your choice to select one of the best names which are available on the provider website.


But on the other side each & ever domain name can get a good position. if the content on that website is valuable or reliable to the traffic. If Google finds that the content which you are providing on your website is important and it can attract more traffic so your website may also hit the first or second position on search engine optimization.

Domain Business:

There are many users who are making business for domain names. they are registering domains at a low price and waiting for the right moment to get rate hike on their booked domain, An if they find that the rates are increasing for their booked domains, they are offering auction to sell their domain name. and if the buyer is interested to purchase the domain name, Then he can book It with a hike rate, Most of the time sellers are getting a good income by only just booked the domain name and wait for a good time to sell their domain name. Now a day domain buying & selling is a good business running on the website, you can also get into this business if you can hold some of your money in booking good domain name and wait for a suitable time. You can also get a good income in buying & selling domain business.

Rates of the Domain:

Domains are available at different rates. A minimum cost for a domain name starts from 99/-Rs and the maximum has no limit. The rate for the domain is completely depending on its use or on its identification on search engine optimization. 

For Example: is a domain name and the cost for this domain is in millions because it is ranking on the first position to search engine optimization. Because of its Popularity, Face book needs no introduction similarly; there are many more examples like it is also on the topmost rank on search engine optimization. So basically every domain name has its own WEB value. We can’t say which domain name will rank and which will not. Everything is depending on the Content and the traffic which is visiting the particular website.

So This is all about Domain Name.

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