What is Google Pay?

What is Google Pay?

Nowadays most of the payments are it for online shopping or at a store to purchase some stuff, are majorly being done through smartphones rather than through credit card or debit card. And this mode of payment is easy also for many of us cos now everyone carries his smartphone almost everywhere and adding more than one debit/credit card doesn’t add extra space in your wallet.

Google in 2018, merged Google Wallet (Google’s virtual wallet earlier used to store and transfer money among family and friends) and Android Pay (an app used for online payments) into one system known as Google Payabbreviated as G Pay. This app can be used on Android Smartphones, Tablets, and Android Smartwatches.

Hence, Google Pay is a digital wallet and online payment system which can be used for:

  • peer to peer money transfer
  • online payments,
  • in-app purchases,
  • Contact less payment in stores.
  • Facility for storing boarding passes and event tickets

Let’s explore the content in detail below:

Contents Setting up Google Pay on your device?How does Google Pay work online?How does Google Pay work in stores?How is Google Pay used to send/receive money?What else can you do with Google Pay?Which devices are compatible with Google Pay?Is Google Pay secure?  

Setting up Google Pay on your device?

To set Google Pay on your Android Smartphone, Tablet, Smartwatch, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Google Pay app from Google Play Store or App Store on your Android device (mostly preloaded on android watches).
  • As you open the app, it prompts you to enter mobile no. Enter your mobile no. here which is linked to your bank account you are going to use on this app. Once the mobile no. is entered, you receive an OTPfor verification of the no. After verification, it asks you to use your existing screen lock or create a google pin. Choose any one option and proceed. It completes the process here and the app now opens.
  • Now the first thing to be done, after opening the app for the first time, is to add a bank account through which you will be doing transactions. For this, click ‘+Add Bank Account’ under your name on top of the app interface or select setting after clickingthree dots on the top right corner. On the new screen select the ‘Payment Method’ option and follow on-screen instructions to add your bank account. After the app fetches all required details it asks you to ‘Enter UPI PIN’. Enter your UPI pin if you have created it. If not then click ‘Don’t know your UPI PIN’ and follow on-screen instructions. As you enter the UPI pin your account gets linked to the app.
  • Now to add a credit or debit on the app, tap on ‘add a credit or debit card’. Enter the card details manually or click a photo of your card through the phone’s camera. Google Pay scans the image and fills in the information automatically.
  • After adding the card, the app verifies it through any one of the way mentioned below:
  • By entering a verification code sent by email or text in the app.
  • By verifying a small temporary charge made into your account in the app.

After verification Google Pay saves your card information for all the future monetary transactions. Now you are all set to use the Google Pay.

How does Google Pay work online?

  • When shopping online,look for ‘Buy with G Pay’ or similar option at checkout.
    • Add your card at checkout and set it as your default payment method. Next time when purchasing from the same site, just choose yourproduct, start to check out, and proceed with the payment method selected as Google Pay. All the information will be auto-filledrather than having to enter your card and shipping details each time.

How does Google Pay work in stores?

  • You can use your smartphone to make payments at physical stores that accept Google Wallet or Google Pay only if your smartphone has an NFC feature and it’s turned on.
    • Find the Google Pay symbol or contactless payment symbol at the store during checkout.
      • Just unlock your smartphone or launch the Google Pay app on your smartwatch.
      • Hold your phone and wait for a checkmark to appear or hear the beep confirming the transaction.

How is Google Pay used to send/receive money?

  • After adding your bank account in Google Pay app through setting, you can send money to your friends and family just by entering the amount followed by the pin.
    • To receive money through the app, select a contact, and press the Request button after entering the required amount. The selected contact will receive a request for the transfer of money.

What else can you do with Google Pay?

  • Google Pay also stores your account cards, passes, and travel tickets in one place.
    • Just tap the “Passes” tab in Google Pay app and follow the instructions to access this feature.
      • Not all airlines or train operators support this feature.

Which devices are compatible with Google Pay?

  • All modern Android phones (with KitKat 4.4 or above) are compatible with Google Pay.
    • However, your smartphone must support NFC (near-field communication)to pay physically in stores using Google Pay,
      • Similarly, most modern smartwatches will support Google Pay, if they are enabled with NFC feature for the contactless transactions.

Is Google Pay secure?

  • Mobile payments, in comparison to credit/debit card or cheque payments, are increasing day by day.But, is it safe to put all your credit card and debit card details into your smartphone and storeit on a server?
    • According to Google, all the details are protected by top security features that help in detecting fraud and prevent hacking.
      • When you’re paying in a store, Google Pay doesn’t share your actual card details. Instead, the merchant receives a unique 16-digit virtual account number.
      • Google Pay’s tokenization is not generated in a secure chip within the phone but rather within the cloud.
      • Still, in case if you lose your phone, you can lock and erase your data remotely with Find My Device
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